About Nancy J. Gardner

Ms. Gardner is a graduate of Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mental retardation and psychology. She also holds two Master of Arts degrees from Central Michigan University, one in General Administration and one in Educational Administration.

Ms. Gardner received her special education teaching certification in 1980 and began serving as a residential group home director overseeing homes for the mentally challenged and the mentally ill. In 1991 she returned to traditional public school education serving as a special education teacher, as a teacher consultant and, eventually, as an assistant principal for Holland Woods Middle School. She also occupied her evenings part-time as a substance abuse therapist, registered in the state of Michigan as a social worker.

Ms. Gardner has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the area of crisis management in schools, receiving her training from the FBI in 1999 during a span of heightened school violence. She is also certified in Learning Styles training from the LearningSuccess™ Institute in Ventura, CA, and is also a certified Insight and True Colors trainer.

Ms. Gardner recently ended her 10th year as Chief Administrative Officer at Landmark Academy, which she co-founded in 1999.  She is presently operating her own consulting company, BOLD Education Connections.  She has resided in Michigan her entire life.

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